Cloud-based Augmented Reality Fitting Room


It takes all the guesswork out of online shopping by letting customers try on clothes before they buy.

Reach new customers, boost profit margins, and increase your competitive edge!



We offer a better online shopping experience

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:

Upload images
Provide high resolution images of clothes (mandatory) and exact clothing measurements and patterns (optional).
Embed the code
Embed our code and add Try On button on your site.
Measure results and get statistics on your customers.


Watch the video to see how it works

Easy to integrate
Just a few lines of a Java script code embedded into your site and you’re done!
Clear pricing
We use the pay-on-results model. It means you pay only when your customers use our service to view an item.
Measurable results
Decrease returns and increase sales by making sure your customers like what they buy before they do it!


Fitting Reality enables online shoppers to see how a garment will look on them. That’s impressive!
Shopoholics will kill for this app.
Fitting Reality takes in-store and online shopping to a “virtual” level.
The company’s proprietary technology helps bring our dreams to life.